The Importance of Corporate Gift Giving

The Importance of Corporate Gift Giving


The practice of gift giving is embedded in the cultures of most societies with millions of dollars spent on gifts each year. Gift giving is the phenomenon of choosing an object or service to present as a gift to a person at a certain occasion. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other purpose, gift giving is important because you took the time to think of that person(s).

Corporate gift giving is important in today’s business environment and can have measurable effects on Customer loyalty, growth and referrals. Corporate gift giving has become a huge part of many companies and their culture. If carried out effectively opportunities can arise for the company in the form of strengthening the bonds with key customers and employees, creating a feeling of reciprocity and goodwill, forming new relationships, and promoting the business of the company. With this in mind, along with the increased awareness by companies that developing and sustaining long-term relationships with customers is important, it is crucial then that the right gift is delivered with careful thought.

As a customer one would sure be pleased with receiving a gift from the company I had previously purchased from. This is common in such sectors as real estate, where the agent who represented you in the transaction expresses their gratitude by giving you a house-warming present, when you settle into your new home. The follow up after purchase would make me feel like they cared and it would most definitely keep them top of mind every time that gift was seen, allowing me to go back for further business in the future without any hesitation.

The act of corporate gift giving ensures a positive lasting impression upon the customer and shows them that you haven’t forgotten them and in return that they won’t forget you – A gift that will allow you to be remembered long after your competitor is forgotten. The empathetic nature of your act shows that you made the effort to personalize to some degree, the selection of a particular present for them. Even if it’s just a g gift card or even cash-it still counts, though maybe not ideal in the personalization category.

Re-gifting is an even less personal gift giving method, though one can rationalize that it might be appropriate in certain circumstances, such as a product of little use to you but maybe something that your recipient would really like.

Gift-giving is important; it is a profound action, it is an important glue that keeps communities strong and people less individualistic.

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