The Difference Between a Good Brand and a Great Brand? Consistency.

Every company has a brand, whether they make it a priority or not. Simply defined, a brand is what people think about you – the impressions they have when hearing or seeing your name. In most cases your brand is reflected initially in your logo mark, then supported by your messaging. These experiences influence attitudes and opinions about your company, nonprofit, school, product, service, etc. A good brand is built over time and requires thought, strategy and consistent implementation. For [...]

The Importance of Corporate Gift Giving

  The practice of gift giving is embedded in the cultures of most societies with millions of dollars spent on gifts each year. Gift giving is the phenomenon of choosing an object or service to present as a gift to a person at a certain occasion. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other purpose, gift giving is important because you took the time to think of that person(s). Corporate gift giving is important in today’s business environment and [...]

Embroidery vs Screen Printing – which decoration method is better?

Embroidery and screen printing are the main two methods for adding logos to apparel. With embroidery, your logo is reproduced via different colour threads stitched directly onto your garments using a computerised embroidery machine. Your logo has to be “digitised”, the end result of which, is a computer program that instructs the embroidery machine what to stitch. With screenprinting, your logo is reproduced via different coloured inks which are squeezed through mesh screens (or stencils) directly onto your garments. Your logo [...]